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2017 Updates NOW AVAILABLE!
Download the new ThorpeForms Desktop for 2017. All forms have been updated to include compatibility with Windows 10 and Microsoft Word updates. The new Desktop also includes a new Continuous Delivery feature, alerting you automatically when new updates/fixes/features are available for quick installation.

With ThorpeForms, you have the flexibility to choose the individual forms your office needs (prices range $99.95 - $299.90) or join our many real estate closing agents who prefer the ProCloser ($479.80) - allowing you to bundle all of the forms you want, at a discount!

ALERT: A recent Microsoft Word automatic update may prevent you from using older ThorpeForms HUD-1 software.
If you are using a newer version of Microsoft Word and are unable to Launch (open) your HUD-1 form, you will need to install the latest ThorpeForms HUD-1 Professional by clicking this link:

Louisiana Child Support Professional 2016
MANDATORY state guidelines effective August 1, 2016. AVAILABLE NOW - The Louisiana Child Support Professional includes the updated Obligation Worksheets A & B and calculate using the new, mandatory support guidelines.

Find Answers to frequently asked Technical Questions
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What is the difference between Closing Disclosure Form and Closing Disclosure with ALTA Settlement Statements?
Both software titles include the Buyer/Seller Closing Disclosure Form, ability to print Buyer or Seller Only Disclosure, Proration Worksheet and 1099-S Forms. The Closing Disclosure with Settlement Statements ALSO includes the ability to create ALTA Settlement Statements (Combined or Seller). The information that you entered on the Closing Disclosure form is extracted and reformatted as an ALTA Settlement Statement, so you don't have to fill out multiple forms!