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Real Estate Software for every Closing

Your guide to choosing the right closing form every time:

Commercial Property:
Purchases - Use Commercial Closing HUD-1
Refinances - Use Commercial Refinance
Residential Property:
Purchases with Lender - Closing Disclosure or Closing Disclosure with ALTA Settlement Statement
Purchases with Cash - Cash Closing HUD-1
Refinances - Closing Disclosure Refinance
We also have the Seller's Closing Disclosure

2018 Updates are AVAILABLE NOW!
Download the updated ThorpeForms Desktop for 2018. There have been numerous important changes made to the real estate closing forms that your office uses:
* MANDATORY IRS changes to 1099-S Form
* NEW Section E Addendum (per updated CFPB ruling)
* NEW Proration Feature to select party obligated for Closing Day tax responsibility
* NEW Closing-specific forms for Cash, Commercial and Commercial Refinance transactions

Please note that several outdated forms (HUD-1 Professional, HUD-1A Refinance and Cash/Commercial HUD-1) have been permanently discontinued. We are happy to assist you by recommending new forms to replace these products.

Find Answers to frequently asked Technical Questions
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What is the difference between a Closing Disclosure Form and a Closing Disclosure Form with ALTA Settlement Statement?

Both software titles include the Buyer/Seller Closing Disclosure Form, ability to print Buyer or Seller Only Disclosure, Proration Worksheet and 1099-S Forms. The Closing Disclosure with ALTA Settlement Statements ALSO includes the ability to create ALTA Settlement Statements (Combined or Seller). The information that you entered on the Closing Disclosure form is extracted and reformatted as an ALTA Settlement Statement, so you don't have to fill out multiple forms!